Common Questions

What is MindSnacks?

MindSnacks is a San Francisco-based company that builds the best mobile educational games for students and lifelong learners on the go. Driven by the belief that learning should be fun no matter the subject, we differentiate our apps from other learning software by designing rich, engaging experiences that are both entertaining and effective. We’ve been fortunate enough to receive positive reviews for all our apps from both users and critics with Apple having named our Spanish app "one of the best education apps of the year" in its 2011 App Store Rewind.

Who is MindSnacks for?

If you like learning, MindSnacks is for you. Our apps are for adults, kids, lifelong learners, travelers, students or anyone looking for a well-rounded learning experience that goes far beyond basic vocabulary flashcards.

Our language apps are best suited for beginner to intermediate language learners while our test prep app is tailored to students taking the SAT and GRE. Aligned with National Geography Standards, our U.S. Geography app is great for geography students in 3rd to 9th grade, as well as for travelers and fact fanatics of all ages. Last but certainly not least, our Kids’ Vocab app is engineered to meet the specific needs of little learners ages 7-12 (2nd-7th grade).

What's in the full version of the language apps?

When you upgrade to the full version of our language apps, you'll get access to a bounty of knowledge that includes up to 1000 words and phrases (500+ words in our SAT Vocab app and 800+ in our Japanese and Mandarin apps). Plus, you’ll gain access to up to 9 unique games, nearly 100 new quests to keep you motivated, and a whopping 50 lessons to master. To begin your journey, you'll have 4 strategic starting lessons with new lessons appearing as you continue to play, complete quests and earn more XP for your profile.

What is your favorite animal?

We are large fans of apes, common giraffes, anglerfish, and North-Western American Unicorns.

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