SAT Vocab

When studying your SAT vocab, now you can banish words like humdrum, lame-o and the ever-dreadful boooooooring.

Introducing the SAT Vocab app from MindSnacks. With nine rich and engaging games designed to build essential SAT, PSAT & GRE vocabulary, it’s perfect for students preparing for the SAT exam as well as adults continuing their lifelong quest to become wordsmithing wizards.

More than just a vocab builder, the app features lessons covering key elements of the SAT such as antonyms, context and spelling. Plus, spoken audio clips will help with memorization and our specifically developed algorithm will help you to learn at your own pace by repeating words with which you’ve struggled.

With a whopping 25 lessons in the full version along with additional side quests and 500 words to master, you’re about to flex all sorts of vocabulary muscles you never even knew existed.